paul lawitzki

software developer and game designer

Waldsterben (Quake map)

With this map I tried to replicate a more organic environment. Gameplay-wise I wanted to see how far I could get with as little moving parts (like doors or platforms) as possible. Needless to say, designing combat encounters only with static geometry is quite tricky. Another lesson I learned was that hiding steps with illustionary slopes is a controversial practice. Same goes for clipping off large areas of geometrically complex parts like undergrowth foliage blocking the player. So far this was my longest mapping project. I've underestimated the effort that had to go into detailing to achieve the visial quality I initially wanted. But overall I'm happy with the result.

map info
Game: Quake Copper
Single Player: Yes
Cooperative 1-3 Player: No
Deathmatch 2-32 Player: No
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Monster Count: 141/155/167
Secrets: 10