paul lawitzki

software developer and game designer

The Trickster's Domain (Quake map)

This map took way longer than I expected. Not because it was overscoped, but because other things got in the way and I had to interrupt my work on this multiple times for longer periods. When I started making The Trickster's Domain, M.C. Escher's Relativity was providing the theme and it's featured prominently in the main area of the map.

I initially wanted to make a map that was brimming with wierd secrets and puzzles. During grayboxing I veered off this path and focused more on encounter design and disorienting architecture. Some of the initial ideas I had for secrets made it into the final map. I also wanted to experiment with alternative ways of gating. I tried to create a progression in which certain areas are only accessible with a certain weapon, similar to what the Metroid games are known for.

map info
Game: Quake Copper
Single Player: Yes
Cooperative 1-3 Player: No
Deathmatch 2-32 Player: No
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Monster Count: 232/284/301
Secrets: 8